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SCUBA Diving Holidays in the Red Sea at Sharm el Sheikh in South Sinai, Egypt

About Us - Divers International is located at Oriental Rivoli Resort & Spa in Na'ama Bay.About Us
Information and overview about the Egyptian people, language, culture and economy.About Egypt
Information about the South Sinai Marine Park Reserves including the world renowned Ras Mohamed National Park, plus the Abu Galum and Nabq Bay managed resource protected areas.Marine Reserves in South Sinai
Ecological information about Ras Mohamed National Park - Home of Shark Reef & Yolanda, Anemone City, Shark Observatory, Jackfish Alley, Ras Za'tar, Ras Ghazlani, and other famous dive sites.Ras Mohamed National Park
Day trips to Dahab, home of the world famous Blue Hole and Canyon dive sites are possible, followed by a fresh seefood lunch at Al Copones and time for shopping.About Dahab Bedouin Village
The Hyperbaric Medical Chamber is located directly across from the Travco Marina with world renowned doctors who specialize in diver medicine.Hyperbaric Medical Chambers
Weather status and extended forecasts including water and air temperatures, wind speed, and hours of sunshine for the major tourist resorts - Sharm el Sheikh, Cairo, Hurghada, and Marsa AlamWeather Forecast & Status

Divers International, offers accommodation for divers at Oriental Rivoli Hotel in Na'ama Bay at special reduced rates for our dive centre. See our new company website WITHOUT FLASH MENUS!

Red Sea Scuba International, offers a separate boat dedicated exclusively for divers, ensuring that certified divers will visit only the very best dive sites, while snorkeling and DSD's are conducted on a different boat at suitable locations! See our new company website WITHOUT FLASH MENUS!  
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South Safari from Hurghada

Southern Red Sea Itineraries Southern Red Sea Itineraries

- Brothers Islands and Elphinstone Reef

- The Brother Islands

- Brothers Deadalus Elphinstone

- Deep South - St. Johns Reefs

- Great Island Tour

- North Wrecks

- South Safari

- Best of Red Sea

Route: South Safari

The reef at Elphinstone is one of most beautiful reefs in Egypt. The north and the south plateaus of this reef are alone worth the visit to Egypt. At the wall and the drop off you will find a lot of spectacular colorful soft corals and also black corals. Because of the remote location of the reef you can meet the "bigfish". It is not unusual here to find hammerheads, grey sharks, barracudas, and dolphins.

Shaab Sharm has got very steep walls, a lot of diversity and the possibility to encounter sharks and other big fish. On the East Side of the reef you will find a plateau in about 30-m depths, which is overgrown with soft corals. Here you can see schools of barracudas, snappers, and groupers.

Shaab Samadai (Dolphin House): At this reef you find different diving spots: Drop offs and shallow places, one with a nice cave. The reef has a form like a horseshoe and inside the "U" the boat has the best conditions to spend the night. In this sheltered lagoon you can often see big pods of dolphins. These animals start getting used to the diving boats, and allow snorkelers to come quite near when they are in the mood.

Shaab Maksur: The south plateau offers a superb diving site. You will find here three coral pinnacles which are overgrown with red soft corals. They contain several caves and crevices where glassfish, groupers, morays and other creatures hide among the soft corals and gorgonians. Fish are also plentiful and large schools of carangids, surgeons and other small fish can be seen here. With luck you can see sharks at the edge of the plateau.

Abu Galawa: Here a wreck lies in 18 m, which sank in the 50's. It is so overgrown with all kind of hard corals, that it takes a little bit of time till you recognize the bridge, rail and the funnel of the ship. The wreck is very appealing for every photographer. Also it is nice to do a night dive at Abu Galawa. With a little bit luck, you can see a Spanish dancer.

Shaab Claude: This reef is fun. It has multiple caves, passages, and canyons. The underwater landscape is fantastic. Diving inside the caves at Shaab Claude is safe. They are pretty wide and spaceful. The distance between the different entrances is small and lots of shafts on the ceiling let the sunbeams illuminate the magical set.

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