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SCUBA Diving Holidays in the Red Sea at Sharm el Sheikh in South Sinai, Egypt

About Us - Divers International is located at Oriental Rivoli Resort & Spa in Na'ama Bay.About Us
Information and overview about the Egyptian people, language, culture and economy.About Egypt
Information about the South Sinai Marine Park Reserves including the world renowned Ras Mohamed National Park, plus the Abu Galum and Nabq Bay managed resource protected areas.Marine Reserves in South Sinai
Ecological information about Ras Mohamed National Park - Home of Shark Reef & Yolanda, Anemone City, Shark Observatory, Jackfish Alley, Ras Za'tar, Ras Ghazlani, and other famous dive sites.Ras Mohamed National Park
Day trips to Dahab, home of the world famous Blue Hole and Canyon dive sites are possible, followed by a fresh seefood lunch at Al Copones and time for shopping.About Dahab Bedouin Village
The Hyperbaric Medical Chamber is located directly across from the Travco Marina with world renowned doctors who specialize in diver medicine.Hyperbaric Medical Chambers
Weather status and extended forecasts including water and air temperatures, wind speed, and hours of sunshine for the major tourist resorts - Sharm el Sheikh, Cairo, Hurghada, and Marsa AlamWeather Forecast & Status

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Red Sea Scuba International, offers a separate boat dedicated exclusively for divers, ensuring that certified divers will visit only the very best dive sites, while snorkeling and DSD's are conducted on a different boat at suitable locations! See our new company website WITHOUT FLASH MENUS!  
  Wreck Dive Sites of the Red Sea   Diving Schedule in Sharm El Sheikh Liveaboard Cruise Itineraries

Diving in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt with PADI Dive Centres Diving at the Thistlegorm Wreck, Tiran Island, and Ras Mohamed National Park

Daily Diving from only 39 Euro per day for 2 boat dives ! - click here to book ! - EMAIL US
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Dive the best sites of South Sinai Egypt in Sharm el-Sheikh SCUBA Diving in Sharm el Sheikh - South Sinai Resort in Egypt

Discover 100's of pristine diving sites in the South Sinai on our daily itineraries, from one-day trips to 10 days or more of memorable dives. You will discover the most spectacular diving sites available by daily trips in the Red Sea, from fantastic drop-offs to coral walls and brilliant gardens, hard and soft coral species, fascinating and exotic marine life.

While diving in this world class resort, you will dive legendary Ras Mohamed walls and drift down the amazing reefs of Tiran, or explore on a day trip the mysterious remains of the World War II SS Thistlegorm Wreck. The evening is your's to choose - return to your hotel for exciting night-life or time with the family, or travel the Red Sea by an adventurous liveaboard cruise.

Our Boat and Diving Schedule for the best dive sites of South Sinai Egypt Itinerary - Our Daily Boat Schedule

- Ras Mohamed National Park - Sunday, Wednesday and Friday
- Strait of Tiran - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
- Local Coastal Sites - Monday
- Shore Dives - 2 times per day and Zodiac Dives for +15€ supplement (Minimum 4 persons.)

Additional Excursions by Day Trip and Extra Dives For Your Diving Package Additional Excursions by Day Trip and Optional Dives

- Thistlegorm Wreck - Thursdays (Or any day with minimum 6 people.)
- Dahab - Wednesdays (Or any day with minimum 6 people.)
- Dunraven Wreck - Sunday, Wednesday and Friday (Minimum 4 people.)
- Night Dives - Nightly (Minimum 2 people for a shore dive, or 6 people for a boat dive.)
- 3rd dive per day - Offered Daily, (Make any 2 out of 3, or all 3 dives.)

Daily Boat Trips to Dive Sites on the Local Coast Dives on the Local Coast

Our diving boats travel from Travco, the new Watenayya Marina next door, Naama Bay, or the Shark's Bay Marina depending on the dive sites we plan to visit. The departure time is at 08:30 AM, and returning between 03:30 and 04:00 PM after 2 dives. Lunch is served between dives, and hot & cold drinks are served on-board all day.

Dive in Ras Mohamed National Park and Dive the coral reefs in the Strait of Tiran Dives in Ras Mohamed National Park and the Strait of Tiran Coral Reefs

Our diving boats travel from the new Watenayya Marina at 8:30 AM for Ras Mohamed or from Naama Bay Marina at 08:30 AM for Titan and returning between 04:00 and 05:30 PM after 3 dives, depending on the destination and day-light hours in the season. An optional 3rd dive is on offer every day. Make any 2 out of the 3 dives for the day as your 2 daily dives, or make all 3 dives for a small additional charge.

- A local lunch freshly prepared on board is served between dives.
- Unlimited hot and cold drinks are available throughout the day.
- Hotel transfers from your hotel to the boat and back are organized by our dive center.

Dive The WWII SS Thistlegorm Wreck Dive The Famous WWII SS Thistlegorm Wreck

Our diving boat travels from Travco Marina at 5:00 AM and returns at 04:30 PM after 2 dives. An optional 3rd dive is offered in Ras Mohammed at Shark Reef & Yolanda, weather and time permitting.

- Breakfast and lunch are served, freshly prepared on-board. (You'll miss breakfast at your hotel.)
- Unlimited hot and cold drinks are available throughout the day.
- Hotel transfers (from your hotel to our boat and back) are organized by our dive center.
- This day trip is weather depending.
- Should it not be possible to reach the wreck, we travel to the best alternative dive sites.

Shore Dives from our House Reef at Shark's Bay Half-Day Dive Trips

We have a superb reef at Shark's Bay with 4 different house reef dives, plus our house reef on Amphoras and Pinkys Wall in Ras Umm el-Sid, offers 2 more advanced dives from the shore. You may choose to do only 1 dive in the morning or afternoon at your leisure. For groups of 6+ divers, we arrange half-day trips to remote shore diving places in Ras Mohamed with pristine conditions.

Hotel transfers are included in our service with pick-up and return to your hotel each day for all diving activities.

For more information about our dive locations please see the dive site maps at the links below:

Local Coast Dive Site Maps - Ras Mohamed Dive Site Maps - Strait of Tiran Dive Site Maps - Liveaboard Schedule
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